GS Vault - The All in 1 Geo-IoT platform

Access and take control of your geospatial data anytime, anywhere. GS Vault gives you the freedom and flexibility to create your own tailored solution with its highly customisable and user-friendly UI.

Data Driven Application & Analytics

GS Vault’s powerful reporting and visualisation dashboard enable you to get the best information and analysis results on the go. Informed decision is now just a click away!

Superior Scalability & Performance

GS Vault is designed to accommodate multiple types of Geo-IoT sensors according to the supported industry standard, we can even support customised data protocol! The platform is also built with reliability and performance at heart.

Platform Features

- Intuitive Interface
- Support Various Industries Standards
- Create New Reading via Data Post-Processing Function
- Manual & Real-Time Data Visualisation
- Dashboard Information Accessible Anywhere
- 3D Point Cloud Visualisation
- Live Stream CCTV Video
- Alarms & Alert Notifications
- Automated Reporting
- Highly Customisable


Why Choose Us?

A choice that makes the difference

At GoSpatial Tech, we are dedicated to supporting our clients in achieving their objectives by simplifying their geospatial processes, introducing creative solutions, and making a meaningful impact. Our team consists of highly qualified geospatial experts who possess extensive experience in delivering cutting-edge geospatial solutions. With our prolonged tenure in the geospatial industry, we have developed a broad understanding of various industries, as well as specific regulations and protocols. However, we understand that the geospatial landscape is continually evolving, and we are committed to remaining adaptive and improving our solutions in line with the latest technological advancements.